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Fuel - GU Energy Gel

Fuel - GU Energy Gel
These are very compact to carry and offer a nice quick boost and come in a variety of flavors.  I preferred the ones with little or no caffeen.
These taste like trying to suck down a tube of frosting.  The ones with caffeen made me feel a little crappy, but I am sure on mile 13+ I will be calling for it when my body says, "it's OK Justin lets just take a nap right here on the pavement".  The "roctaine" had waaayyyy to much caffeen!!  It felt like 5 cups of coffee.  Try these bad boys instead of coffee after lunch!  Can you say CRACK.
Details & Pricing:
Gu Energy Gel Mixed Flavors 24 pckts (Mixed Case so you can test them all!)
Gu Energy Gel, Vanilla Bean, 24-Count (Most peoples favorite)
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