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Shoes - Asics Cumulus 12 Gel

Shoes - Asics Cumulus 12 Gel's
Super soft ride and stable!  These are comfortable in all stances whether you are heel-toe'ing or running mid-strike.  The heel did not feel heavy as if I had to land on it first unlike some other soft riding shoes.  The cushion felt across the whole shoe.  Most importantly, it has a larger toe box.
Heavier than the Nike LunarGlide 2's that I was getting used to.  Also, due to padding I had to go back to 10 1/2 size to get more foot room.  I have put quite a few miles on these now and you do not notice their weight.  You just feel soft goodness!
Details & Pricing:
Asics Gel-Cumulus 12 - these are the exact ones that I have!
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