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Shoes - Asics Nimbus 12 Gel

Shoes - Asics Nimbus 12 Gel 
This shoe is very light for an Asic's shoe and stable.  Those little orange triangles below are what makes running 26.2 miles a pleasure.  I picked orange because I thought they made a statement and my next Marathon is in October!  Pumped.  It is a little firmer than a Cumulus from what I can tell even though I am compairing them to a pair of Cumulus's that I ran 300 miles in.  I ran the Worcester Half Marathon in these on my second day of use and did not get any blisters as you may expect from new shoes.  Before these shoes my left knee started to hurt based on me landing on the outer front side of my left shoe due to my running style.
They are one of the more expensive shoes that Asic's makes.
Details & Pricing:
Asics GEL Nimbus 12 - these are the new ones that I have (I put 300 miles on my last pair of Asics)