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Shoes - Nike Flywire LunarGlide 2

Shoes - Nike Flywire LunarGlide 2
This was one of my favorite running shoes because it had the padding in all of the right spots for me.  Soft heel and mid-strike padding.  It did not put a lot of padding elsewhere which made this shoe super light!  Also, the bottom of my foot did not hurt because I was definately landing mid-strike which is how I always try to run to prevent shin splints.
I hated this shoe once I started to put on a lot of milage and running fast at the same time.  Perhaps I tried to do to much too soon before my feet were ready.  It has a toe box that tapers in at the nose of the shoe creating pressure on my big toe and the one next to it so much so that it bruised the nails.  I have been told my toes prob where affected due to my running push off instead of this shoe.  I did try on a larger size after, but the flex seemed to have moved to the wrong place on the top of my foot.  Once bitten, twice shy!  I do wear this shoe around town, but I no longer run in it.  If you do not need a large toe box this hands down will be your most favorite shoe!
Details & Pricing:
Nike Men's NIKE LUNARGLIDE+ 2 - these are the same ones that I own
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